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Developers, just get over yourself

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Fuck you!
Account deleted!
Screw you!

That’s the kind of reactions in my Twitter (!) feed when Twitter announced changes to their API.
Now first of all: how many of you actually coded around the Twitter API? And don’t count your ‘tweet’ button integration. Almost no-one, I know. So think before you shout.

I understand your worries if you built a company merely around Twitter and are anxious about your future. But that’s a self-made problem – never built a product for one service and one service only. Think vertical scalable. Even Zynga learned this and tried more or less successful to break out of Facebook’s walled garden.

One of the biggest issues developers were having is the ‘contact us if you use our data extensively’ policy. Where is the problem? Wouldn’t you be concerned if any random third-party not only makes use of your infrastructure but sucks the most valuable part of your company, data? I’d like to at least speak to the person/company who wants to do that – we might even be able to work together and both of us make some cash.

And it’s tough but hey, they simply don’t need you anymore. Twitter is mainstream and their priority is at the moment monetization and not necessarily growth. So do they need your little service? No they don’t.
So just get over yourself.

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