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MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

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A few weeks ago I had the luxury to choose between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. To climax the story here already: I chose the MacBook Air.

Over the last years I had the pleasure working with all types of Macs. From the Mini over the 13″ MacBook Pros up to an iMac. My last one was a MacBook Pro 15″ with the i5 processor and 8 Gigs of RAM. So why the Air now?

I always felt my previous laptop was too heavy – yes, it’s a pleasure working on the big screen having the speakers and the solid keyboard but hey, it really is heavy. The Air feels like, well, air now.
And the SSD storage in the Air wins the 8 Gig and faster i5 CPU – it is really nice to press the power button and have a loaded system within (8) seconds. And it’s even nicer to click the Chrome icon and the browser is open immediately.

Only the keyboard feels a little cheap – not PC laptop cheap but cheaper than the piano like keyboard from the Pros. Also the case doesn’t feel as indestructible and solid as the Pro one. But the airiness (!) of the Air makes you want to handle the machine with care anyways.

Therefore my suggestion:
If you don’t use any ressource incentive software like Photoshop, Illustrator and whatnot get the Air with 4GB RAM.
You’ll be happy!

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