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MWEB Service Fail

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Dear MWEB,

I was giving you a nice opportunity to show that you are better than the big Mama Telkom. But you failed. Badly.
2 months ago I applied for a new telephone line with Telkom. For some reason I’ve decided to order a uncapped ADSL package including the ADSL line with you MWEB. That was a mistake. It took Telkom not even a week to get the line activated but I’m still waiting for my MWEB ADSL line & account. That got me wondering if that’s your normal service attitude towards new customers.

Dear MWEB,

I was wondering if you ever get in contact with new customers yourself or is your service understanding that customers have to call in to get updates? I was also wondering if it’s normal that your call center apparently opens on Sundays at 10AM but you still hang up on people at 10:45AM? And I was furthermore wondering why the “technical” support can’t give me any assistance regarding an ADSL line – shouldn’t they have access to the same systems as your sales department?

Dear MWEB,

I’ve got some advice for you.
Why don’t you put some more cents in your CPA/CAC to build the following:
- a simple email or sms notification when an order has been placed online. Gives us customers peace of mind.
- a sms notification system for different order-status. Something like “Your ADSL line order has been placed with Telkom” or “Please send us your proof of residence to complete the order”. Keeps us customers informed and happy.
- a notification system for your outbound call center to give waiting customers are ring after ‘order open > 14 days’. Makes us customers feel special.
- a backend to see orders and notifications. But for that you need to enable a new account/email address immediately and not confuse customers why they can’t log in. Gives us customers the feeling that you’ve got your tech under control.


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  1. I had a similar issue. Signed up for the 4mbit line + data and apparently they wont activate the uncapped data account until the line has been migrated. Would have been better to sign up for the uncapped data then migrate the line :(


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