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Rocket Internet in Africa

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Rocket Internet is preparing for the IPO and released its prospectus. Here are some interesting figures on Rocket’s business in Africa.
Funny to think back to October 2011 when Emilian and I started Rocket’s operation in Africa – which is now valued at 500 Million Euros – from one small desk.


- Rocket owns 33% of AIG, which houses all its African operations
- MTN and Milicom are the other 2 shareholders
- AIG lost EUR 24m last year
- AIG has a cash position of EUR 273m

- Its last valuation was EUR 500m
- 72 companies launched in Africa over 2 years, 37 of which in 2014
- 2,100 employees in Africa
- Jumia alone is worth around EUR 200m, did EUR 30m in sales last year, and had 15m unique visitors

- The African eCommerce market is worth EUR 3bn, only 0.4% penetration
- There are 86,000 people per retail outlet in Africa.

Thanks to Zahid Mitha who dug those numbers out.

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