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Which browsers are Africans using?

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Quick answer: also Africans don’t like Internet Explorer.
IE usage is somewhere around 20% only – both Firefox and Chrome are leading the pack.
Data below is Google Analytics values from our properties in Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria – all of them are in the Top 100 Alexa ranking in the respective countries.

In Morocco Google’s Chrome has a whopping 49% percent usage, Firefox comes next with around 30%.

A pretty similar scenario can be seen in Egypt – also here are Firefox and Chrome accounting to almost 80% of all users. Looks like the North Africans don’t like Windows’ built in browser too much.

The Nigerian browser distribution is however different. Firefox is most used browser in the West African country while Internet Explorer and Chrome are each used by every 5th user hitting the page. Interesting is that 10% of the visitors are using Safari – most of them are iOS and not OS X users. “Only” 80% of overall visits come from Windows machines compared to more than 95% in the other countries. Looks like Apple has a good client base in Nigeria with its 160 Million inhabitants.

Above shows not too many surprises on the African browser usage. Browser statistics published monthly by show a decline of Internet Explorer since years while Chrome is becoming more and more popular.

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